Survey: How Much Would You Pay to Read an Article Online?

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By Hannah Johnson

Writer Amanda DeMarco believes that voluntary micropayments may be the answer to a problem that is plaguing media industries: how to make money with digital content.

But is it realistic to expect readers to donate money every time they read a good article online or watch a funny YouTube video? While it may be hard to imagine that people would pay for content if it is available for free, the software community is a great example of this model in action.

DeMarco points out that web and software developer communities are successfully using micropayment systems on open-source software. Would you donate money to a software developer if they created a cool, free widget for your website?

For self published authors, bloggers and journalists who put their content online for free, the idea of getting compensated somehow, however much or little, gets them excited.

So we want to know, how much would you donate for a great online article? Take our survey below.

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