Video: Bookeen Demos Video Playback on E-Ink Screen

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By Hannah Johnson

E-ink isn’t just for text anymore, as Paris-based e-reader manufacturer Bookeen proved earlier this month. Bookeen’s R&D department has figured out how to play smooth-motion video on an e-ink display, as demonstrated in the video below (via Password Incorrect).


E-Ink Info reports that the setup you see in the video was created using Bookeen’s own software along with components that are available on the market already.

Integrating video and animation into the e-ink devices could be a boon for a number of different players in the e-reading ecosystem. Readers would get a fuller experience without having to migrate to a tablet PC. For publishers, it means they can integrate rich content into more e-books with fewer device compatibility issues.

I interviewed Bookeen co-founder Laurent Picard at CES this year, who said that Bookeen is is the second most popular reading device maker in Europe behind Sony. Bookeen currently offers a larger, full-featured reader call the Cybook Orizon — which was launched this year at CES — as well as a small, lightweight reader call the Cybook Opus.

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