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Best of 2010: Most Popular Articles

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From now until the end of the year, we will run lists of our best articles from 2010. Today’s list includes crowd-pleasers, our most popular articles for the whole of 2010.

Should I Tweet
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The Translation Gap: Why More Foreign Writers Aren’t Published in America
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Sebastian Junger, War Tourist
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Inside the Secret World of Literary Scouts
Read Part 1 >>
Read Part 2 >>
Read Part 3 >>

E-book Sales Statistics from BISG Survey
Read the article >>

Future for Book Editors: Royalties
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Publisher Vends Books Via Old Cigarette Machines
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How Neal Stephenson’s The Mongoliad is Revolutionizing Immersive Online Storytelling
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“I Paid Them to Read My Book”: Jennifer Belle’s “The Laughter Project” Pays Dividends
Read the article >>

The Mistake on Page 1,032: On Translating Infinite Jest into German
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The Most Dramatic Publishing Event of 2010? Easy, the Introduction of Agency Pricing for E-books
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and a perennial favorite: The Woman Who Fought Back
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Happy reading!

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