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Publishing Perspectives and Kirkus Want Your Stories for Our BEA Edition

Microphones At Press Conference

By Edward Nawotka

It was at last year’s BookExpo America that we first introduced the world to Publishing Perspectives. Now, less than a year later, we’ve become a daily must-read for publishing industry professionals around the world.

This year at BEA Publishing Perspectives and Kirkus Media LLC are taking a bold step together and collaborating on a first-ever joint print edition for the show. (You can read our press release here.)

Our BEA edition will be published on Wednesday, May 26, and bring together the ground-breaking trade news reporting of Publishing Perspectives with the long history of exceptional review coverage of Kirkus. Now, here’s where you come in: We want you to tell us your stories.

Send any and all editorial ideas to editor-in-chief Edward Nawotka via e-mail.

For advertising opportunities, please email Erin Cox.

For all other inquiries, contact Hannah Johnson at 1-212-794-2851.

Time and space is limited, so hurry!

Call for Stories

Whether you’re a…

  • publishing house hosting an event at your booth
  • first-timer launching a new company
  • an international book fair promoting your event
  • bookseller searching for opportunities
  • tech company with an innovative new product
  • agent selling rights
  • author giving a reading
  • highly opinionated pundit
  • comics publisher ready to go global
  • a trade organization recruiting members
  • veteran willing to give advice

Publishing Perspectives wants to hear from you! There are a million stories at BEA, but only some of them get heard. Don’t get lost in the shuffle.

DISCUSS: What are you most looking forward to at BEA.

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