Is Publishing in the Recession More or Less Competitive?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

As Jason Allen Ashlock points out in our lead article today, “Facing an uncertain future, we would all do well to identify our common interests and seek new forms of collaboration.” Is this indeed true? Has the recession prompted you to collaborate in ways you would not have otherwise considered? Or has the the recession and the challenges posed by the digital revolution pushed you to be more aggressive that before?

Tell us your experience in the comments below or via Twitter using hashtag #ppdiscuss. And if you’re in a publishing lunch group/book club/social circle anywhere on the planet — be it Buenos Aires or Beijing — tell us about it. We’d like to learn more and perhaps write about you.

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Edward Nawotka

Edward Nawotka is the Editor-in-Chief of Publishing Perspectives. A former foreign correspondent, he has covered the book business since 2000, serving as daily news editor for Publishers Weekly and columnist for Bloomberg News.