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What’s the Buzz: The Bookseller Tweets FBF Booths; Content vs. Format

By Hannah Johnson

The best of the blogosphere and social media…

Are you going to be at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year? The Bookseller wants to help you spread the word. Announced Tuesday on Twitter, @TheBookseller will retweet your booth number to their followers if you send them the information. If you do take advantage of this promo offer, stop by the Bookseller-hosted Tweetup (details at #fbftweetup) and say thanks!

Here’s an essay worth reading: Paul Graham writes that consumers never really pay for content, but only for the format. “Book publishers,” says Graham, “set prices based on the cost of producing and distributing books. They treat the words printed in the book the same way a textile manufacturer treats the patterns printed on its fabrics.” Graham also offers his take on the future of making money from content. Media guru and author Jeff Jarvis responds.

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