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Bonus Material: CSI Creator Produces Movie-like “Digi-Novel”

By Edward Nawotka


Writer/Producer Anthony Zuiker was driving a tram in Las Vegas when he came up with the idea for Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), the long-running television hit. Since he said that his pilot for the series “broke all the rules” of scriptwriting — as a result of his not knowing a thing about writing. Now, he’s conceived of a “book” that would seem to break many of the rules of conventional publishing as well.

Dubbed Level 26, the book aims to be wholly interactive, incorporating a Web site and movie-like transitions between chapters. Zuiker is promoting it as “the world’s first interactive novel,” one that makes “the reading experience easier and more enjoyable by providing levels of engagement beyond just endless white pages.”

READ: what Zuiker himself has to say about his project and why he sees it (perhaps a bit arrogantly) as “the reinvention” of publishing. (via The Wrap).

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